Junk Removal

Get Rid of Junk

Some of us are hoarders that then becomes referred to as junk.  There is a difference between keeping things that you use, and keeping magazines for years and suchlike.  These days you can take a trip to the recycling centre near you and sort it all for recycling (to do yur part for the planet).  However that can be time consuming and some don’t want the hassle. Even the council cleansing are selective about what they pick up every third week from your home.  It is changed days, I remember many years ago we had weekly rubbish pick-ups but its all changed with green environment, recycling and we all have colour coded bins. Junk removal is a term more commonly referred to cleaning out of garages, houses, retail units etc.  You may think you need to hire a skip, but this can be expensive and very intrusive, not only for you, but your neighbours also.  Consider contacting a junk removal company  who will give you a quote and come and pick it all up for you, effortlessly!


Ayrshire needs to try and keep the work opportunities for ayrshire people and ayrshire tradesmen.  It is better to use local companies and talent to help each other.  The past number of years has been tough on the economy, so let’s try not to spend money outwith our own local area.  Local people appreciate it and we know we do.  It also means you should (in most cases) get a better service re timescales if you are local. The company we have referred to offer most trades; Tiling, Drain Cleaning, Carpet Fitting and general labour. So if you are looking for any trades including plumbers in ayrshire or roofers in ayrshire keepitinayrshire might just be the answer for you. If you are a factor in Ayrshire, they could supply all the tradesmen, this means one point of contact, one invoice etc.  Making life simpler!