Carpet Fitter

It’s not as simple as putting down the carpet on its own, you need to consider underlay and a protector if going onto a concrete floor.  Cold can travel and you want to seal the area with plastic sheeting and then put your foam underlay down to soundproof (for first level floors and above) but also to try and make the floor level.

Even if you don’t want a carpet laid, it could be that you want laminate flooring or linolium.  The same principles apply, you will need to cut the carpet, wood etc and try to ensure there are no mistakes as that can be costly.    If you are doing this yourself, you will need an area to saw wood, cut carpet etc and you will need a spirit level to ensure its level.  It always takes longer than you think, but its worthwhile doing well as you will no doubt have spent a lot of time and money picking exactly what you want.

If you are a buyer for a commercial group or hotel, make sure everything is fitted really well, the last thing you want is someone to trip over a badly laid carpet and then have a claim against you.

Ayrshire Carpet Fitters

If you are looking for an Ayrshire Carpet Fitter, we recommend you speak to the company who has a link on the home page of this site.  The economy has made it very difficult for people to show their entrepreneurialism, help your local business community, help their businesses grow and we are sure you will get a better service from local companies.  It is always best to show appreciation for local small businesses and large ones too.  Ask for recommendations, this is always best as then you can feel better about the chances of the work quality being very high.