Drain Clearing

How often do you call out a Plumber?

Drains get all sorts down them, the usual food, hair, soap etc.  90% of the time when you get a clogged drain, you see the tradesman / tradeswoman coming up to your house / flat with a large plunger.

If you are in the house, you should get the plug covers so you can collect any rubbish and then put it in the bin, as opposed to it going down the drain and causing you problems.  It just means you need to get into new habits, however if you are a factoring business and need local, reliable trademen who will respond quickly when you call, look at the link on the home page of this blog.  Ayrshire needs to look after local tradesmen and spend money locally, its appreciated more than we know and it usually means that you get a better service.


Keeping drains clear can be quite a task, when you consider all the rubbish we throw away and put down drains.  Even if you consider local parks etc, the things that people lose and cannot retrieve is unbelievable.  It may be that a plumber is unable to unblock the drain and it needs a commercial company, this is extreme but it does happen. It might be that a CCTV Drain Survey is required or a high pressure Drain Jet is needed to force the material.

Ayrshire Trades

We recommend a company that deals with both members of the public and also commercial companies or factors who deal with tenament flats.  They are quick, reliable and only use Ayrshire tradesmen.  This means that the money is being spent in the local community a opposed to outwith.  If you are a self-employed person, you will appreciate that you are looking for local work.