Most new buid houses have tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen.  Some have wet walls as they are becoming more fashionable, but tiles are still classic.  The variation in sizes and designs in tiles is just incredible, the choice is endless, whether you want mosaic or large italian style.

Tiling Tradesmen

A good tiler is worth his or her weight in gold, if you have encountered a person who is not very good at tiling its very frustrating as its instantly noticeable.  It could be that the lines are not lining up, the grout is shabby or that the tile cutting is poor workmanship.  See the link on the home page for a company that supplies all trades in Ayrshire.

If you are a business, you should apply for a trade card, but if you are a domestic person who is doing a DIY job, we urge everyone to go and see the tiles.  You want to pick the tile up, feel its texture and make sure you are happy before spending either hundreds or thousands of pounds.  A good tiler’s work will be clean, sharp and they will tidy up after themselves.

TOP TIP:  Get your grout scraped back and re-grouted every few years.  Water can travel in walls, wood, even bricks.  It can get trapped and you have no idea what is happening behind the surface.    Also check your sealant around baths, sinks etc, if its leaking you are heading towards an insurance claim and that will obviously hike up your costs the following years. 

Always ask to see a tiler’s portfolio and ensure its not stock images.  Check out reviews online and see if they have a Facebook page etc to check their credentials.  You don’t want to award a job to someone who is not very good, that would be a waste of money, time and effort.